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Post: Almetek Asset Identification and Pole Marking Guide

Almetek Industries offers many different pole marking products with our most popular being our E-Z Tags™, One-Piece Pole Tags, and Pressure Sensitive Numbers & Letters. Utility Pole Markers are Numbering Identification Systems which are ideal for marking Utility Distribution Poles, Transmission Towers, and other assets. With so many different options, there is a product for every project! However, it is important to explore each product option before picking a marker type.

Did you know Almetek offers a service that will sort and assemble all Markers for you including E-Z Tags™, One-Piece Pole Tags, Bar Codes, QR Codes and Nameplates? Save time in the field and let us do the work!

E-Z Tags™

Which E-Z Tags™ Pole Marker solution is best for you? E-Z Tags™ are the most used and versatile marker, but there are several questions that need to be answered before selecting. What color? What finish? Aluminum or Polyethylene? Overhead or underground installation?

Now for the most asked question, Horizontal or Vertical tags? These descriptors are not what the tag itself looks like, but the way it will be installed in the holder. Will the holder be vertical or horizontal on a pole? Once this is decided, the appropriate EZ Tags™ can be purchased. Please review the helpful infographics below to better understand Horizontal and Vertical application methods.

Infographic of how horizontal E-Z Tags are mounted in holderInfographic of how vertical E-Z Tags are mounted in holder

Once the application/installation method has been chosen, the next step is determining what material and finish is needed? The options are Aluminum or Polyethylene. The Aluminum is available in Flat Printed or Embossed, and Polyethylene is in Hot Stamped or Ultima Engraved. The colors available are Natural Aluminum, Black on Yellow, Black on Natural, Reflective Black on Yellow, Black on Orange, and Black on White.

One-Piece Pole Tags

An alternative to E-Z Tags™, Almetek offers a One-Piece Pole Tagging System. This unique pre-numbered and sorted one-piece design is flexible and fast mounting for easy installation. All the customer needs to do is specify the sequential or random numbers and letters needed for their project.

One-Piece Pole Tags are manufactured from Engraved Polyethylene material. They can either be designed Vertically or Horizontally and no holder is needed. The mounting options include pre-punched mounting holes or slots for our E-Z Bands™.

With the One-Piece Pole Tags, Almetek offers an optional MetalPhoto® Barcode and QR Code tag. They are clamped onto the One-Piece Pole Tag during the production process. The Barcode and QR Code tags will assist the utilities and other industries with asset identification and the logging of important information into their database.

Pressure Sensitive Numbers & Letters

Polyethylene mounting plates for pressure sensitive numbers and letters

Pressure Sensitive Numbers & Letters are labels manufactured in sheets or cuts. These markers can be applied directly to the surface of the application or by using our Aluminum and Polyethylene holder with the easy peel and stick method. They are available in several sizes and finishes to complement any application or job. Almetek’s Pressure Sensitive Numbers & Letters are available in Non-Reflective, Engineer Grade Reflective, and High Intensity Diamond Grade Reflective finishes.

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