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Almetek Industries, Inc.

Confined Space Markers

Why Be Confined To Signs That Will Need To Be Replaced?

Almetek’s Stainless Steel Markers meet OSHA Regulations and are theft resistant because of their unique turned down edges. They are easily installed and provide a highly visible and permanent marking solution.



Available Legends

1. Confined Space – Enter By Permit Only

2. Confined Space – Entry can be fatal

3. Confined Space – Confined Space

4. Confined space – Authorized personnel only

5. Confined Space – Entry Requires Permit

6. Confined space – Trained personnel only

7. Confined Space – Non-Permit

8. Follow entry procedures

9. Permit Required – Confined Space

(Danger-Do Not Enter)


• EASY TO INSTALL – with Adhesive or New 6” Ground Anchor

• DEEP EMBOSSED COPY – Provides high visibility & permanent legibility

• THEFT RESISTANT – Turned down edges improve adhesion to any surface

• DURABLE – Made of Stainless Steel

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