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Almetek Industries, Inc.

Chemical, Oil & Gas Signs/Labels​

Almetek manufactures custom signs and labels for the chemical industry, using the most durable highly visible indoor/outdoor materials that can withstand even the most extreme temperatures in any harsh, industrial/chemical environment. Almetek has the solution to all your labeling needs and our experts will recommend the best materials to use for your application whether it be Porcelain, Polycarbonate, UV-HDPE Co-Extrusion, Aluminum, Fiberglass, Hot Stamped Polyethylene or Reflective Adhesives which come with a superior UV, graffiti resistant laminate.

Our experienced art department can help you design ANY sign.  These signs are completely customizable to include your logo, graphics, text, legends, instructional information and come in custom sizes, fonts, and colors.

Help the public by providing signage that warns them of any hazardous or dangerous conditions in the workplace.

Call Customer Service

for a full list of standard signs & labels or let our Art Department design your custom sign or label. 1-800-248-2080
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