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Almetek Industries, Inc.

Magnetic Tailboard Signs & Vehicle Safety Labels

Besides corporate, logos, and brand identity, the US D.O.T has regulated standards for what type of fleet numbering system must be displayed on their corporate fleet trucks. This information can include the D.O.T vehicle number, company name and any safety markings that is required by the D.O.T.

Almetek has all the safety products you need to keep fleet vehicle and utility truck drivers safe especially in low light and night time conditions. We use Engineering Grade and High Intensity Prismatic. Our products will alert motorists of vital information and help prevent accidents. Choose from several safety and informative messages, custom text, colors, sizes, and languages available.



Product Features
• Easy Installation
• Easy Removal
• Available in Any Size
• Fast Turnaround Time
• Graffiti Over Laminate
• Multiple Colors Available

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