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Post: Health and Safety Week 2022

Almetek Industries hosted its annual Health and Safety Week May 2nd-May 6th. This is a week organized by our Human Resources Generalist and Safety Manager meant to serve as a reminder that safety is the job of every Almetek employee.  This year we had a special focus on health and wellbeing.

We started the week off with a visit from our friends at the Mount Olive Township Fire Marshal’s Office. The fire inspector spoke with us about fire safety, prevention, and what to do if fire strikes. We raffled off fire safety tools to four lucky winners.

Our Safety Manager spoke with us about different ways to keep ourselves safe while working around the factory and offices. Topics included ear protection, lockout/tagout methods, lifting techniques, and ergonomics. A certified Audiologist provided free hearing exams to our employees.

The last day of Health and Safety Week centered on nutrition and fitness. A Nutritionist was invited to speak about healthy eating habits and how to make better diet choices. Snack bags were distributed and some of us discovered a new healthful snack to enjoy. We ended the day on Friday with a fitness class. A local Personal Trainer instructed us through an energetic workout routine. Many employees joined in the fun we raffled off a deluxe fitness basket to one of the lucky participants.

Health and Safety Week is the most important week of the year at Almetek. Although we take safety seriously every day, it was a great opportunity to revisit these important subjects and be reminded on how to keep ourselves and our coworkers safe. Almetek is committed to providing a safe and healthy work environment for all of our valuable employees.

Almetek would like to thank our expert presenters for sharing their knowledge with us. Special thanks to Jackie P., our Human Resources Generalist, and Leah L., our Safety Manager for organizing these events for us! We look forward to next years’ Health and Safety Week.

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