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Almetek Industries, Inc.

Post: Everyday Products

Almetek is well known for customized harsh environment markers and asset identification. We also have a wide variety of “common” items, that can be used by just about any customer. Below is a sample of some of these items with product photo and brief description. All of the items shown can be customized to our customer’s specifications.


Pressure Sensitive Letters and Numbers

Reflective Digits – Available in a wide assortment of sizes and colors, reflective and non-reflective.

Danger Sign

Call Local Utility Pole Sign – Part# SIGN-4807


E-Z Wraps and Flags

EZ Wraps & Flags – Wrap around markers for utility poles and flags to reduce worker exposure to energized parts and mark danger boundaries.


Phase Markers

Phase Markers – ID phase on poles, cables, equipment


Lockout/Tagout Tags – For marking equipment for repair and servicing

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