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Post: EDIST 2022

Almetek attended the EDIST Show in Markham, Ontario last week. The EDIST show is the first trade show in Canada that Almetek has attended in over two years. This show almost did not happen because of COVID and was postponed to June from the original date of January. Dave, the Regional Sales Manager for Canada, attended EDIST and enjoyed speaking with everyone there. It is nice to be back out on the road again with face-to-face interaction!

Almetek’s mission is to build long-standing relationships through the development of a winning network of representatives, distributors, and employees. The foundation of this company was built on a combination of several key elements: innovation, determination, producing high quality products on time and surrounding ourselves with a dedicated staff.

What do we actually do? We convert all types of materials into legible long-life graphic solutions for the electric utility industry and beyond. We begin with raw materials in sheets, coils, or rolls…then we cut, stamp, etch, emboss, engrave, coat, laminate, or print. Common materials include aluminum, steel, stainless steel, brass, polyethylene, polystyrene, polyester, vinyl specialty adhesives, pressure sensitive films, and reflective technology.

Almetek is attending the CUEE 2022 show in Toronto, which takes place September 13th– 14th 2022. If you didn’t get a chance to talk to us at EDIST, stop by our booth at the CUEE show. Dave is attending this show as well and is excited to see new and returning faces.

Fun Fact: Dave enjoyed all the great complimentary food that was offered at the EDIST show! The photo below shows one of the many gourmet meals that was offered on the menu for lunch. This is a show that many exhibitors and attendees look forward to every year because of the delicious meals that are provided during the day.

Literature and Samples on booth Ttable Danger Sample Sign Photo of Dave Food

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