E-Z Tags® Ultima
™ engraved finished tags carry a lifetime warranty.

Deep-stamped Polyethylene Signs are warranted to remain legible for a full 15 years from date of purchase.

Flat-Printed Aluminum Pre-Painted Signs are warranted to remain legible for 15 years from date of purchase. All metal signs and tags have a clear UV-top coat that protects the screen-printed image.

3-D Embossed Aluminum Pre-Painted Signs are warranted to remain legible for 25 years from date of purchase. All metal signs and tags have a clear UV-top coat that protects the screen-printed image.

Co- & Tri-Extruded UV Stabilized High-Density Marine Grade Polyethylene Signs are warranted to remain legible for 30 years from date of purchase. 
Our colors have been tested in QUV weathering machines and outdoor exposures.

This warranty does not cover aluminum or polyethylene signs exposed to abnormal above or below ground weather conditions, nor any signs not installed in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions, nor any acts of vandalism, nor damage incurred as a result of fire, nor acts of God such as lightning. Almetek Industries, Inc. accepts no contingent liability or liability for consequential damages, and extends no warranty with respect to merchantability of signs in metals or plastics, or their fitness for any particular purpose. Almetek Industries, Inc. liability is limited to the purchase price or replacement of the individual sign purchased. No other warranty, expressed or implied, is made by Almetek Industries, Inc.

Almetek Industries, Inc. is the sole manufacturer, not a broker. Our warranty is full product replacement at no charge to our customer.

This is not a prorated warranty.

ACCEPTANCE OF ORDERS: All orders must be submitted to the Customer Service Department of Almetek Industries, Inc. (Almetek) in Hackettstown, NJ. No order is binding until final acceptance by a Customer Service representative.

PAYMENT TERMS: Almetek offers customers the ability to pay via check, EFT, ACH credit payments and credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express). Terms are 1% ten days - Net 30. F.O.B. (credit card purchases are excluded from all discounts and require a minimum purchase amount of $100). Where there is an express contract in writing, the contract payment terms will prevail.

PRICES: List prices are subject to change without notice. Quoted prices are firm within thirty (30) days from date of quotation unless changed by notice. Orders entered after thirty (30) days from date of quotation will be subject to the price in effect at time of acceptance. Minimum invoice charge is $50.00 U.S. E-Z Tag® numbers, letters and stock characters may be combined for quantity discounts if they are the same style of tag. Vertical and horizontal styles cannot be combined for quantity discounts.(Custom tags do not apply).For quantities over 10M, special discount prices may apply. 

List price does not include any federal, state or local property, license, privilege, duty, use, excise or other tax. Customer agrees to pay Almetek the amount of any such taxes.

DELIVERY: All material is sold FOB factory. Risk of loss passes to the Customer upon delivery of order to a carrier at Almetek’s plant or other shipping point. Freight charges are prepaid and added to Customer's invoice. Almetek is not responsible for any failure or delay in delivery due any cause beyond the control of Almetek such as natural disasters, labor strike, vehicle breakdown/accident, carrier delay, etc. Almetek is not responsible for consequential damages or failures / delay in delivery. Standard delivery is 2-3 weeks. Custom products are subject to a 4-6 week delivery.

TOOLING/ ARTWORK/ OVER-RUNS: Artwork and tooling remains the property of Almetek Industries and is maintained for Customer’s future orders. Price of custom dies vary per product. Custom quantities are subject to a 10% over or under run.

ORDER REVISIONS AND/OR CANCELLATIONS: Acceptance by Almetek of Customer’s written order constitutes a binding contract between the parties which, except as otherwise specifically provided herein, may not be canceled or modified without the parties’ mutual consent. In the event a Customer wishes to cancel all or part of an order, Customer will provide Almetek with written notice of desire to cancel. Almetek will then submit a statement to Customer of the amount of material in Almetek’s plants which was completed and ready for shipment, the amount of material in Almetek’s plants partially completed or purchased for use in the performance of the order, and the amount of material or service purchased for use in the performance of the order whether actually in the process of manufacture or not, and the scrap or other value of all finished and unfinished material, all as of the time of receiving Customer’s said notice. Within 30 days from the receipt of such statement from Almetek, Customer will notify Almetek of Customer’s desired disposition of all completed material, and will pay Almetek as damages (a) for all material completed and ready for shipment at the contract price; and (b) for all unfinished material at cost, including all sales and administrative overhead and profit in proportion to the state of completion of the product(s) at the time of the termination of the Customer’s order; provided, however, that Customer will be credited with the scrap or other value of all finished or unfinished material which Customer directs Almetek to retain. Title to and position of all material shall remain with Almetek.

RETURNS POLICY:  Almetek’s authorization must be obtained in writing prior to an order return. Returned material must be in original cartons, in salable condition, freight prepaid. There is a restocking charge on all returned goods. Special/custom orders cannot be returned.

Almetek Industries Inc. • 2 Joy Drive, Hackettstown, NJ 07840 • 800-248-2080 • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.