A wide variety of processes and finishes are available for your signage and ID marking system. When ordering, choose the finish that best fits your needs based on the information provided below. Or specify your individual requirements and our customer service coordinators can aid you in your decision. . (Click the links to view the accessory & description.)
Digital Printing
Screen Printing

Completely customize your product with any 4 color graphic, text and colors. For use on a variety of materials including pre-painted aluminum, plastics, paper, magnetic material and more.
Used on aluminum, brass, stainless steel, pre-painted aluminum, porcelain or pressure sensitive Used on signs, tags, markers, labels and name plates. Inexpensive and durable. Can be used indoors or outdoors.
Embossing & Stamping

Almetek's proprietary chemical milling process manufactures steel dies, insuring that text and images are 3-D embossed (raised copy) or stamped (sunk copy) with high tonnage power presses into a metal surface for permanence. Stamping and embossing is used for signs, nameplates, tags, markers and labels. 
Each sign and tag is screen-printed with durable ultra-violet inhibited acrylic inks and baked in infa-red conveyor ovens. All signs and tags are then given a clear baked enamel UV top coating for extended live and durability.
They are available in CRS, stainless steel, aluminum, pre-painted aluminum, brass or tinplate. Artwork is permanent. Can be used indoors or outdoors.
Hot Stamping Etching Laser

Text is deeply embedded or branded into polyethylene using a heated stamp die to apply color for permanence. Used for signs, tags and markers indoors, outdoors, above ground or below ground.   Text or background chemically removed using an acid solution. This creates an impressed area in the metal that is extremely durable. Used for signs, name plates, tags and labels, etching is available on aluminum, CRS, stainless steel, brass and tinplate. Image is permanent. Etched areas can be filled with paint or left natural. Ideal for faithfully reproducing fine lines and copy. Can be used indoors or outdoors.   The laser process can mark, cut or engrave a wide variety of the materials. Commonly used with aluminum for bar coding and reproducing fine lines and details. All aluminum bar codes use anodized aluminum and receive a clear UV-baked enamel topcoat for extended life.
3D Engraving

A rotating carbide tool cuts into co-extruded and tri-extruded UVHDPE and metal. For plastic signs the contrasting core colors are exposed
Used on signs, tags and nameplates, engraving can be done on aluminum, brass or stainless steel. Co-extruded or tri-extruded UV stabilized high-density marine grade polyethylene is permanent, highly visible, long lasting, easy to read and inexpensive. 
Polyethylene is non-corrosive, chemical resistant, unaffected by extreme weather condition, colorfast and comes with a 30-year warranty. Can be used indoors, outdoors, above ground or below ground and in desert sand storm conditions.
Thermo Printing
Electrical current is used to heat a thermo-sensitive dye reaction to thermally sensitive material. Text and images are surface printed onto rigid vinyl or pressure sensitive materials. Polyester, polycarbonate or vinyl clear laminates can protect the label image for extended outdoor exposures.
Text is surface printed onto plastic or pressure sensitive material (polyester, polyethylene polycarbonate or vinyl). Plates are used to apply inks to the material surface. A clear laminate can be added for extended outdoor life. Used for signs and labels. Inexpensive. Underground tapes last the longest as UV sunlight causes the inks to fade.
Clear UV Laminate
Reflective Material
Protective film applied over pressure sensitive material. A process where clear, plastic film is layered and then bonded to a decorated surface using adhesion. Applied on signs bar codes and tags.

Pressure sensitive base materials are polyester, vinyl and engineering grade reflective sheeting. Top films contain UV inhibitors for outdoor exposures. Special laminations available for hazardous areas. For indoor or outdoor use.
Reflective sheeting applied onto aluminum, vinyl, or urethane with acrylic pressure sensitive adhesives. Signs, tags, markers and D-Lineators are highly visible and weather resistant. Using reflective sheeting, three levels of reflectivity are available: engineering grade, high-intensity and Diamond Grade® fluorescent. Primarily for outdoor use. Can be used indoors.
"Glow in the dark" labels and signs. Generally used to provide emergency markings for exits and passageways. This material can be applied to a rigid vinyl, pressure sensitive label stock or aluminum substrate.

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