E-Z Wraps & Flags

Almetek’s high visibility E-Z Wraps are available in Safety Orange or Lime Green and come with two reflective strips for easy visibility when working at night. 11/2” wide velcro is used to securely wrap around the utility poles and alert all to lineman activity. The 91/2”” long x 7” wide clear vinyl pocket is perfect for truck, crew or company information. Standard sizes are 45”x7” or 57”x7”. Custom lengths and legends available.

High Visibility Grounds Flags reduce the risk of worker exposure to energized parts. Reflective strips are easily visible at night, and alert all to poles in service. Available with Velcro Mounting Strap or Wire Attachment for Hot-Line Clamp installations. Measures 16”x18”. Custom Legends Available.

Clearly mark danger boundaries with Almetek’s Danger Flags. The eye-catching flags alert workers to hazard areas and can prevent potentially fatal accidents. Comes with Velcro Mounting Strap for easy installation. Measures 16”x18”. Custom Legends Available.